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Bridging the Digital Divide in Costa Rica


Authors: Ricardo Monge andFederico Chacón, marzo 2002

It is expected that the results presented in this document will be used as criteria to define policies for promoting Costa Rica’s development in an increasingly globalized world, with important technological transformations. It is also expected that its content will be useful for other countries which are also interested in overcoming digital divides, and which wish to share their results with the rest of the world.


Innovation, Competitiveness and Growth

Authors: Ricardo Monge and John Hewitt, 2008
This study focuses on explaining the relationship between innovation and long-term economic growth, the need to innovate to compete in the contemporary world and the urgency of improving the pillars of competitiveness to achieve higher levels of innovation.

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Costa Ricans in the Knowledge-Based Economy


Authors: Ricardo Monge and John Hewitt, 2006
This document analyzes the readiness of Costa Rican society during the first six years of this century (2000-2005) to participate in a knowledge-based economy (KBE).The level of access, use, skills, and the capacity of purchase of the Costa Rican homes to the information technologies and communication are explored
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Costaricans on the Knowledge Based Economy

costaricadigitalThis document analyzes the preparation of the Costa Rican society for participating in an Knowledge Based Economy (KBE), during the first six years of the present century (2000-2005). It explores, the use, the skills, and the capacity of purchase of the Costa Rican homes to the technologies of the information and communication.

Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) and the future development of Costa Rica

Authors: Ricardo Monge and John Hewitt, enero 2006

This document presents empirical evidence about the role of ICTs in reaching greater levels of development and wellbeing, especially in developing countries. In addition, access to and use of ICTs, in particular computers and the Internet, is studied in Costa Rica using census data from the years 2000, 2001 and 2003. The analysis is performed from two complementary perspectives: firstly, access to and use of ICTs in households and secondly, ICT access and use by elementary school children in Costa Rica, for the three years mentioned.


Human Resources for High-Technology Multinational Businesses in Costa Rica

Authors: Oswald Céspedes and Carlos González, junio 2002
This investigation is part of the Costa Rica e-Readiness Program (preparing Costa Rica for the Knowledge-Based Economy), which seeks to measure and monitor Costa Rica’s Level of Readiness for a successful transition to a Knowledge-Based Economy or Information Society.


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